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Many may not realize it, but an option for outsourcing a multilingual call center to serve entire Europe from one place is quite feasible. Since 2013, European outsourcing call centers have shown to be a great alternative to an in-house customer service centre. In a survey of 400 Europe based SMEs, more than 65% have already setup an outsourced call centre or are considering to in the next 12 months.

European call center company In finding out that a call center in Europe can be outsourced, businesses must also beware that there are some outsourcing call centers who’s agents are not located in Europe. And thus, they have failed to achieve the required customer satisfaction or sales growth that the businesses may have targeted.

Having said this, the client must choose a European call center company that has proven results in being the ultimate direct response and multilingual call center that excels the clients’ needs. A reliable company like this will know the limitations associated with an inbound call center service. Unlike such services, a reliable business call center in Europe that is outsourced would have more flexibility to meet the bottom line and would provide reliable support to the clients’ marketing strategies.

Additionally, other key aspects of this type of organization include the following:  The use of up selling, converting leads, inbound call spike management, and meeting the KPIs. All of these great traits are associated with being a direct response call center, i.e. they use great solutions in cost effective ways to reduce expenses for the client while at the same time, bringing in great results in revenue.

Multilingual call center

A call center in Europe can be outsourced, but it is important to ensure that the multilingual capabilities are as good as they are promised. For this, ideally the centre should employ natives of major European countries such as Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Norway, Finland, Sweden among others.

Grupo Noa International is one of the few call centre service providers who have employed calling agents across the continental Europe. They have over 15 years of experience in providing seamless & cost effective call centre and serve the direct response industry.

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