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eCommerce Call Center Service

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Why Outsource eCommerce Call Center Services to Grupo Noa?

Do you wish to transform your online sales website, Amazon or eBay accounts into an an
outstanding customer service focussed business?

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Do You Want To Get High Customer Rating And Reviews Online?

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Having Staff Shortage While Handling Customer Service For Online Sales?

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Do You Want To Reduce Refunds And Customer Complaints?

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Shared Customer Service Agent For eCommerce Business

Reduce your call center customer service cost by using Grupo Noa International’s innovative Shared Customer Service agent model. So now you are not required to hire full-time customer service staff, avoid the prohibitively high cost by just paying for the incoming or outgoing call time.

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Hiring eCommerce Call Center Is a Necessity Now

eCommerce Call Centers demonstrate the brand image, philosophy and ethos of your company. So a contact center is a must to keep a track record of customer’s complaints and resolve them in a chronological manner. It lets your business soar a greater height for sure. Our call center representatives are thorough professional with an immense amount of knowledge and practical problem solving skills. We have decades of experience working with online sales call center offering multichannel support like live chat, personalized services and email support to the clients.

How Can Customer Service Agents Help:

  • Get trained directly from your to get excellent product knowledge
  • Offering web-based CRM platform for online retail services to clients
  • Reduce refunds and increase the chances of cross selling
  • Enhance customer confidence and affinity
  • Lower the cost customer service operation by sharing the calling agent.
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