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In the last few years, call centers have emerged out as the most vital aspect of an e-commerce business enterprise. Around 80% of the companies, these days, take the help of e commerce call center to achieve constant growth in their businesses.

Understanding the contact center metrics is essential to evaluate the performance of the call center constantly. An e-commerce business is all about offering the astute products and services to customers all the time. In a recent customer survey, 75% of the customers admitted that companies require working harder to improve customer support services.

Time Factor: Time has changed. Now, customers are always in a hurry. In fact, the latest research on the market study has claimed that 65% of the today’s customers belong to the age bracket of 18-40. So, they usually want their queries or issues to be resolved immediately.

In such cases, an expert B2B call center executive can be of immense help. They are specially trained to resolve the crisis on time, and bring in more clients to the firm.

e commerce call center

Customer Satisfaction Indicators: It is a popular metric to know how much customers are happy about the contact-center support services of the e-commerce firm. It is a crucial determinant to know whether the company has been able to live up to customers’ expectations or not. The 2016 survey on consumer expectations claims that more than 75% of the customers believe that companies need to work more to improve their customer service mechanism.

Call Resolution Index: The very purpose of e commerce call center outsourcing is to offer maximum satisfaction to customers. The call center staff won’t let customers stick to calling queues for longer hours, and instead resolve their queries then and there at the first call itself. Higher the number of first call resolution, better will be the firm’s credibility.

Customer Service Level: Overall, the quality of the customer service level is important. According to the latest survey, around 70% of the customers have admitted to the fact that first thing that they observe during a call is the “behavior and calling etiquette” of the call center customer support executive.

So, this metric is of utmost importance in e-commerce business in order to deliver quality goods on time without fail. Also, the level of calling etiquette followed during the entire process by the call center staff is equally decisive to retain customer’s loyalty, you can rely on B2B call center professionals to avail best services. We, at Grupo Noa, offer excellent customer support services.

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