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Live video interpretation somehow always depends on the technology and technology trends in each year that comes. As a call center offering the services of live video interpretation, audio and video interpretation in general, Grupo Noa International is constantly adapting the evolving trends in this sphere of interpretation. 

As a call center we are offering:

  • Video and Audio Interpretation
  • Multilingual interpreters on-call
  • Real-time live interpreters through web-based application
  • Interpreters across all major languages
  • Reduce your cost for interpretation service

But what is the world saying about this service that has already taken the spotlight in 2020? 

Namely, the expansion of Video Interpreting Services is bound to increase globally in the coming year. During the Covid-19 pandemic in the world, the video interpretation services went from some basic level to a highly needed service and eventually is going to become the solution to most of the language translation demands particulary in 2024. 

To summarize, our live video interpretation services online have some key points:

Our native language speakers are qualified to do interpretation across all major global languages. Grupo Noa International has a large team for multilingual video interpretation that can make your communications easy. All you need is an internet connection and a mobile phone for our professional interpreter to join you anywhere through a web conference.

Experienced multilingual Interpreters are perfectly suited for all your interpretation service requirements. Outsource interpretation service from English to any language or vice versa without compromising on quality. 100% guaranteed professional video interpretation services at an affordable cost.

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