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Multilingual contact centers strive towards offering outstanding customer services to its customers all the time. Obviously, a contact center has to communicate with hundreds of customers round the clock, and not necessarily everyone knows English. In such a situation, telecallers having multilingual proficiency would be apt for inbound customer support services.

The 2014 survey on the consumer survey has found that 74% of customers are likely to buy from a contact center that is proficient in their domestic language. On the contrary, when customers find it difficult to explain their problems in their own native language then they rescind the phone calls immediately in the midst of a live talk with virtual call centers.

Multilingual Customer Support Services

Multilingual Contact Centers are Winning Hearts
Several new businesses have mushroomed in the last few years. Interestingly, these business enterprises have never kept them limited to any geographical boundaries or language barriers. For this very purpose, business owners and entrepreneurs outsourced their multilingual customer service to meet the demand of the clients and consumers alike.

The ICMI survey has recently pointed out that 58.4% of consumers feel loyal to the brand when the latter initiates dialogue in customer’s native language via multilingual call centers and highly skilled staffs. Once the customers put their faith in the firm, then it could really do wonder for the firm’s credibility and goodwill.

Multilingual Call Centers Understand Customer’s Psychology Better
Customers, by nature, wish to speak in their local language to English. During a live interaction with consumers, it is essential for the firm to talk to customers in their own language. It paves the way for an amicable conversation without any possibility of miscommunication. Even a slight fall in customer’s expectation could be detrimental to the company’s overall prospect.

The new statistics say that 50% of consumers are likely to forsake a brand if the latter fails to address their concerns. So, a company has to anticipate in advance the customers’ actual requirement and problems during a live chat itself. A company may not be by itself adept at such things. That’s the primary reason why they prefer outsourcing customer support services for astute handling of consumer’s grievances and issues. Another crucial advantage of a contact center is its 24-hour availability. Around 75% of consumers believe that it is critical to offer the right services to customers at the right time.

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