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Shared Call Center

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What is a Shared Call Center?

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1. Hire a Dedicated Inbound Customer Support Service Agent or Calling Agent:

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2. Shared Call Center or Shared Customer Service Center:

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Benefits of a Shared Call Center Service

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Grupo Noa International Shared Call Center Services

Which types of services can be provided by Shared Customer Service agents?

GrupoNoa International’s Shared Call Center services is a comprehensive customer service agency, which takes care of a wide range of customer-centric tasks such as (but not limited to):

  • Answer inbound calls: Customer Service, Complaint handling, Cross Selling, Provide Product Knowledge
  • Webchat: Live interaction with website visitors
  • eMails: Inbox management, email campaigns, reply to client emails, forward important emails
  • Survey and Research: Conduct surveys and research to help businesses collect important feedback & insights about their products and market segments.
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Grupo Noa International

How to hire a shared call center customer service agent?

We make it simple for you to have a world-class multilingual call center and customer service center up & running for your business quickly and cost-effectively. Setting up a shared call center process is easy:

Step 1: Provide us with your requirement brief to Get A Quote.

Step 2: Our onboarding team member will call you to further understand your business & requirements.

Step 3: We provide you with a proposal that includes the task brief & costs.

Step 4: Start the engagement by training our Project Manager about your services, FAQs and responses to your customers.

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