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Providing customer support through call centers has become an essential requirement for businesses to excel in the highly competitive market today. However, the high set-up and maintenance costs involved in having an in-house call center often make businesses want to have outsourced call center services.

According to the market experts, 27% of the in-house call centers often experience poor performance or shut down due to improper cost management. So, these are few tips on how you can reduce the costs reasonably for your customer care call center.

Plan your workforce smartly:
A major chunk of your call center budget goes into the salaries and other benefits given to your employees. So keep controls over the number of employees working in a department. Keep the team sizes to a minimum while keeping in mind that it does not compromise with the efficiency of the team. You can also cross-train your employees in multiple technologies so that they can handle different requests on their own.

Prompt resolution:
According to OFS survey reports, 60% of the consumers hesitate to avail the call center services due to the long wait to reach a live agent. Adding to that, call transfer from one department to other and the delayed resolution further frustrate the callers. So ensure that the customer care representatives are fast and skilled enough to attend a call quickly and provide instant resolution.

Cost Effective Call Center Operations

Self-service Technologies:
Investing in self-servicing technologies and automated solutions help you reduce costs significantly. Introduce self-servicing portal on your website where your customers can carry out small transactions like bill payments, registrations on their own. This saves a lot of time and costs which can be invested in other activities.

Explore new ways of communication:
Recent studies reveal that, businesses have seen 10 times more customer acquisition by leveraging digital communication channels like Facebook, Twitter and blogs. You can conduct online surveys, create customer complain pages on such social media sites and provide customer care services online.

Live Chat Support:
Current market statistics show that you can save 30% of your calling costs by setting up a live chat support group. Customers also prefer this way of communication as it is faster and can be done from anywhere. If your calling costs eat a major portion of your budget, introduce live chat facility now.


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