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The magnitude of the success of your business is directly related to the service you provide at your call center. Earlier, setting up a contact center was a cumbersome process as it involved lots of bucks. But now you can easily set up a customer service center by installing the latest technology.

SQM Group has recently stated that a call center that successfully utilizes the first call from a customer saves around $276,000 a year. It is true because you will not have to dial a satisfied customer repeatedly. However, an entrepreneur has to follow these tips before floating his own call center company.

Use of Technology:
In the recently conducted Harris Poll, 81% of the customers feel frustrated to stand in queues. Hence, a call center must install the latest software to freely interact with multiple customers simultaneously.

Good Behavior and Manners:
An entrepreneur must train right behavior and skills in its employees. Customer support employees are the backbone of any call center, therefore, they must behave properly while talking to the customers.

Time Zone Difference:
A customer support executive must dial his callers at an appropriate time. The ideal solution is to keep the service open 24-hours a day. The Global State of Multi channel Customer Service 2015 report claimed that 90% of the callers feel self-service customer portal is a good idea. You should also open such a type of portal linked to your website to promptly solve customer’s query in no time.

Speech Analytics:
Sometimes, customer support executives converse in an improper manner with the callers. This must be avoided. The ICMI research stated that around 68% of all communications take place via telephone. So, support agents must speak humbly to the customers. Speech analytics software helps the calling agent to know in advance what the caller wants to say. You must keep this software installed in the system.

Social Media Presence:
More than 40% of the contact centers will have to offer the latest call center services using several media such as email, telephone, SMS and social media. Since most consumers are registered with one or two social networking sites, hence communicating with your customers using social media platforms is an apt idea. Thus, a new customer care center should also do the same while providing its call center solutions. Moreover, the social media presence enhances credibility and goodwill of the firm.

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