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Getting a direct response from your customers can grow your business enormously. According to statistics, the direct mail alone enables a business to experience a strong ROI, ie. 15% – 17% but getting direct response is quite difficult. However, with the help of direct response call center services, one can ensure the same. Most of the agents at these call centers are efficient in handling the direct response from cable television, network television, radio, print media, email marketing, infomercials, mobile marketing, and much more with an absolute ease. Thus, the top ways in which you can ensure the same via call center service are the following ones.

Remember, not every direct response from the customer is about a product purchase, a large share consists of queries about certain products or services offered by a company. So, agents should be very much self-motivated to deliver a consistently top-notch direct response call center outsourcing service. You can motivate them by inviting motivational speakers or by rewarding the agents who have performed well. According to statistics, 82% employees feel motivated when they receive any reward at their workplace as recognition of their hard work.

Adequate training
Resolution of customer queries or problems is the number one factor that customers value most while remaining stick to a business. Experienced and trained agents make no mistakes and do the same effortlessly by employing the most modern technology they have. Thus, in order to ensure that rest of the agents should also follow their footsteps, it is vital to give adequate training in direct response marketing in a timely manner.

Plan resources
90% of the customers feel frustrated when the agents put their call on hold. To ensure that this does not happen, it is essential to plan the available resources skillfully. There must be enough agents and technology should be available to let them minimize this hold time significantly.

Call Monitoring
There are now software that helps in call monitoring and enable the call centers to evaluate the performance of their agents on a continual basis. This, in turn, helps in understanding the problems, agents are facing during handling direct response calls and gradual elimination of such problems by taking effective measures.

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