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In the last few years, the call center operation is now returning back to the US. Earlier, entrepreneurs wanted to keep their calling operation in Asian countries like India, Philippines, Japan, and Indonesia, but the scene is changing now.

According to the latest data, call center operation is now growing by leaps and bounds in parts of the US and Latin America. The call center turnover in the region is expected to reach around $381 million by the end of this year. Excellent customer service and execution of the effective calling software are the main reasons behind mercurial rise of American Call Centers.

Multiple Language Support:
Each US based call center offers multilingual support to the customers calling from all across the globe. The European Commission report of 2011 revealed that 42% of the customers rejected buying products and services due to language hindrance. Use of high-quality linguistic software with capable executives makes the US a number one choice for businesspersons.

Multichannel Support:
The USA Call Centers utilize multiple channels while promoting a product or service using email campaigns, SMS, IVR, telephone and social media. CFI Group reported that contact centers now depend upon other factors too while hearing customers’ grievances. They also interact with customers through social media and IVR to ease out customer’s problems.

Trained and Capable Manpower:
These contact centers never shy away from hiring new employees. One of the call center giants, which is already having 800 call center executives, is now planning to double its workforce soon to make the calling operation smoother for the callers.

Anti-Hacking Tools:
The American Call Centers Outsourcing firms offer a better level of safety layering than others. According to Gartner’s report, around 30% of the financial transactions take place online, and if a security breach happens then online fraudster can hack the card details. However, the chance of online fraud is very less at American call centers because they use biometrics technology. It protects the customer’s details and prevents online frauds.

Alternative Customer Strategy:
The 2015 global contact centre benchmarking report said that more than 40% of the customers believe there is a decline IVR customer support. This has led to a sudden spurt (around 87%) in non-voice customer service mechanism. American contact centers contact customers using other modes of communication too such as emails, fax and social media to solve customer’s grievances at the earliest.

American Call Centers

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