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Corporate Inbound Call Center Support Service

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Why Outsource Corporate Inbound Call Center Support Services to Grupo Noa International?

Can corporates and enterprises also outsource their call center?

Yes, corporates and enterprises can outsource their call centers to specialized service providers like Grupo Noa International for improved efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

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Looking for ways to reduce your customer service costs?

Outsourcing call centers is an effective strategy to reduce customer service costs while maintaining service quality.

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Are B2B Corporate Call Centers being outsourced?

B2B corporate call centers are increasingly being outsourced to streamline operations, access skilled agents, and enhance customer experiences.

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Corporate Call Center Outsourcing Solution

  • Efficient customer service is a cornerstone of any business’s growth and customer retention strategy. A comprehensive customer service plan needs to make it easy for your existing customers as well as prospects to reach out to you. This includes all the contemporary channels of inbound and outbound communication such as voice calls, emails, web chat and text messages.While setting up and operating such comprehensive customer service options can be expensive, Grupo Noa International makes it easy by offering enterprise grade customer service as an outsourced solution. Call center services for corporates and customer service outsourcing for enterprises.
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Turnkey Customer Service Center Solution for Corporates:

All customer service and internal helpdesk services under one roof, that what Grupo Noa International can set up and operate for your company. Multilingual customer service agents providing consistent, reliable and cost effective solution, allowing you to set up, operate and scale up a customer centric business.

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The Services Can Be Outsourced To Us Are:

  • Inbound call center : Receiving incoming call from your customers and prospects. Providing product information, technical support or any other over the phone support. This is also an opportunity to upsell by suggesting your other products or services to the caller.
  • Outbound calling: Reach out to your opt-in leads to abreast them of your products or services, collect or provide information etc.
  • Online Chat Support: Web chat support agents to provide real-time chat support to incoming chat requests from your website or mobile app
  • Email Support: Manage incoming email service requests. Provide prompt replies or forward them to the relevant person within your company
  • Survey: Conduct surveys to collate information, verify the new product/service feasibility, customer service verification
  • Appointment Setting: Setting and verifying appointments for your company’s marketing team by calling potential client’s

A cost-effective call center and customer service solution that can be scaled up for meet the requirement of growing businesses. Multilingual and global time zone availability of customer service agents making it easy for your customers to contact you.

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B2B Call Center

Deploy our experienced customer service agents to handle your B2B calling requirements. Train our multilingual agents to manage your inbound calls and outbound calls with other businesses, associates, partnerships, dealership networks, hospital networks etc. Tasks such as data verification, identity verification, and inter-department or intercompany customer service can be outsourced to us.

Businesses requiring large call centers with a global presence will find our scaleable multilingual customer service centers to be the perfect outsourcing partner.

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