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Call Centre Appointment Setting Service

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Convert All Incoming Calls to Potential Lead With Our Appointment Setting Services!

As a leading appointment-setting call center in the USA, we offer our clients reliable and result-oriented outsourced appointment-setting services.

We are trusted as a premium call appointment-setting company, driven by the highest quality standards and ROIs. If you, too, are looking to hire an expert call center appointment scheduling service provider who got the right industry experience and expertise, look no further.

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Quality Over Quantity

For over a decade, we have delivered results-oriented call center appointment scheduling services that bring the highest ROIs for our clients. Some of our services include:


B2B Appointment Setting

Specialized service connecting businesses with potential clients, streamlining sales processes for increased efficiency and higher conversions.

Executive Appointment Setting

Tailored solutions designed to secure crucial meetings with key decision-makers, paving the way for strategic partnerships and business growth.

Event Registrations

Comprehensive event management support, facilitating smooth registration processes and maximizing attendance for successful gatherings and conferences.

B2C Appointment Setting

Connecting businesses directly with consumers, fostering meaningful interactions and converting prospects into satisfied customers.

Online Appointment Scheduling

Convenient digital platform enabling clients to book appointments effortlessly, enhancing customer experience and optimizing time management.

Telemarketing Scripts & Lists

Professionally crafted scripts and targeted lists, ensuring persuasive and effective telemarketing campaigns to reach the right audience.

B2B Appointment Scheduling For Web Conferences OR Demos

Coordinating virtual meetings and product demonstrations between businesses, fostering collaboration and showcasing solutions effectively.

Conference Registration Programs

Efficient planning and execution of conference registration procedures, enhancing attendee engagement and ensuring a successful event.

Lead Generation Appointment Setting

Identifying potential leads and booking appointments with interested prospects, fueling sales pipelines and driving business growth.

Industries We Serve at Grupo Noa International

What differentiates Grupo Noa International from other call inbound appointment setters is the industry-specific approach that enables us to generate maximum ROIs for clients. Over the years, we have successfully catered call appointment solutions for all major industry verticals, including:


We provide tailored solutions for financial institutions, optimizing processes, ensuring regulatory compliance, and delivering exceptional customer experiences in the ever-changing financial landscape.

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Offering innovative technology and services to healthcare providers, enhancing patient care, improving operational efficiency, and advancing medical breakthroughs for a healthier world.

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Elevating guest experiences through cutting-edge solutions, enabling seamless reservations, personalized services, and efficient management, fostering loyalty in the competitive hospitality industry.

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Information Technology

Empowering businesses with IT expertise, scalable infrastructure, and software development solutions, driving digital transformation, and gaining a competitive edge in the tech-driven world.

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Streamlining supply chain operations, optimizing transportation, and implementing innovative tracking systems to enhance efficiency and reduce costs in the logistics industry.

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Providing automation, process optimization, and data-driven insights to manufacturers, boosting productivity and quality while embracing Industry 4.0 practices for sustained growth.

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Retail & e-Commerce

Revolutionizing retail with e-commerce development, omnichannel strategies, and customer-centric solutions, empowering businesses to thrive in the digital retail landscape.

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Enabling seamless connectivity, network infrastructure, and cutting-edge solutions to telecommunications companies, driving the evolution of communication in the digital era.

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Delivering data analytics, automation, and customer engagement tools for insurers, ensuring risk assessment accuracy, improving underwriting processes, and enhancing customer satisfaction.

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Supporting legal professionals with innovative technology, secure document management, and streamlined workflows, optimizing case management and legal research for successful outcomes.

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Real Estate

Offering digital marketing, CRM solutions, and property management tools, empowering real estate professionals to efficiently serve clients and maximize property investments.

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Outsource Appointment Setting Services

Why Outsource Appointment Setting Services to Grupo Noa?

As an absolute leader in providing call appointment-setting services provider, you can trust us for:

  • A proven, well-structured process
  • Dedicated and expert resources
  • Stringent quality control checks for processes that ensure qualified leads
  • Experienced and industry-trained agents
  • Operational transparency
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Timely and open communication\
  • Cost-effective (reduce cost by as much as 40%)
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Partner With The Professionals

When you partner with Grupo Noa, you can be sure of partnering with a professional inbound appointment setter that got the resources, expertise, and experience to deliver you the highest ROIs for your business.

Our well-defined and customizable process is what differentiates us from other appointment-setting call centers. Understanding the client’s requirements and coming up with bespoke solutions is the key that helps us to offer consistent, reliable, and result-driven call center appointment setting services. Below is a brief overview of our process flow:

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Blueprint Phase

In this phase, our marketing strategists sit with your management and sales team to understand the business requirements and set realistic goals. A to-do list of this phase includes gathering value propositions, understanding the target audience, assure we hit conversion rates, project scope, meeting industry regulations, and others.

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Implementation Phase

Once we have a blueprint for the project, our marketing experts define a bespoke strategy to ensure high ROIs for the client. During this phase, we execute whatever strategy was agreed upon during the blueprint phase.

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Campaign Review

For the entire length of the project, we run deep campaign reviews and analytics to unveil the project’s performance and make any refinements required to achieve even higher ROIs. All reports are shared openly with clients, and feedback is sought to ensure better results.

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Call Center Solution

Outsource Inbound Appointment Scheduling Service

Meeting a qualified prospect is one of the best opportunities to close the deal. By getting our tele callers to do the groundwork on securing appointments with qualified decision makers, you are using your sales team’s time in the best place possible, in talking to prospective customers. For a consultation or to request more information about our appointment-setting call center service, please fill-up the form to Get A Quote Today.

We know that in a consultative sales process, the deals are seldom closed on the first call or with the first person you talk to at the prospect’s office. Hence our appointment setters have honed their skills in opening doors for you, so you work smart and not just work hard. Appointment setting call center services give much better results by outsourcing the appointment setting call center services task to us.

We can help you to set up your own inbound customer service call center in Europe & USA.

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At, Grupo Noa International

Our Call Center Appointment Setting Process:

  • Ascertain that we are talking to a decision-maker
  • Convey how our services or products will help them
  • Give time & day options for the meeting
  • Leave our contact details
  • Know our desired end outcome at all times
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Having a confirmed schedule of prospect or client meetings before traveling interstate or overseas will save you valuable time and hassle. Our customers have often engaged us for:

  • Appointment setting when exhibiting at a trade show
  • Appointment setting for the roadshow
  • Setting up appointments for senior executives when they travel
  • Invite prospects for the product launch
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