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Order Taking Call Center

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Order Taking Inbound Call Center Services

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Grupo Noa Order Taking Call Center Services

Hire a Great Catalog Order Taking Services Call Center

Grupo Noa call center staff has a vast working experience on call management skills including several aspects of business like sales, customer services and other multichannel support such as live web chat, emails and online telephonic assistance.

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Our list of Outstanding Order Taking Services Includes

Getting a training from you about your products or services
  • Offering 24×7 online and telephonic support to the clients for any assistance
  • Comprehensive reporting for catalog and online retail call centers if needed
  • Use your order recording system, so that the order is placed directly into your system
  • Our overall focus is to reduce your operational cost and let you get good returns

Our calling agents have experience in the Direct Response Industry sales and cross selling. With this relevant experience, Grupo Noa International can help your customers efficiently place orders and recommend additional products to the client too.

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