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Customer Retention Call Center Service

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Call Center Customer Retention Services at Grupo Noa International!

Multiple surveys across geographies and product/service types have found that keeping communication channels open with customers results in over 90% customer retention. Keeping communication open entails proactively contacting the customers right after they have made the purchase or on a periodic basis and remaining available whenever the customer tries to contact us.

Our customer retention success is achieved on the back of the above key principles. Hire Inbound call center campaigns to yield results by improving customer retention.

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Inbound Customer Retention Service

Customers often contact vendors when they are not happy with the service/product or when they are looking to make an additional purchase. In both of these scenarios, our agents can be the difference between you retaining the customer or them walking out on you. How we improve the retention and loyalty of your customers initiating an inbound contact are:

Cross Sell

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Acknowledge Complaints

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Be available 24×7

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Provide a Solution

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Facilitate Immediate Purchase

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Grupo Noa Call Center Services

Outbound Customer Retention Services

Outbound customer retention campaign includes calling or emailing customers and prospects at the following events:

  • After a purchase made
  • After the customer discontinues us
  • Upon launch of a new product/service
  • Solicit period feedback
  • Cross-selling

Enhancing your footprint with your customers is one of the most profitable tasks that we can execute on your behalf. Retaining an existing customer, up-selling, and resolving complaints is bound to result in a more loyal customer base for you. Please fill up the form to Get A Quote for setting up a customer retention call center.

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