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Grupo Noa International

French Call Center Outsourcing Services

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French Telesales Agents

French telesales agents are adept at promoting products and services to French-speaking audiences, maximizing sales opportunities.

Outsource Call center in France

Outsource call centers in France offer companies the advantage of local expertise and language proficiency for improved customer engagement.

Measurable ROI

With measurable ROI, businesses can assess the effectiveness of their telesales campaigns and make data-driven decisions.

High Quality At Fixed Cost

High-quality services at fixed costs provide budget predictability, enabling companies to allocate resources efficiently and focus on growth.

Telesales And Call Center Agents in France!

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French Call Center Specialists For:
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Highly Professional

Call Center for French Businesses

Small businesses or large corporation, all can enhance their market reach and customer affinity by using a virtual call center. Take advantage of our VoIP telecommunication system and outsource to a quality telecalling virtual staff in france call center. Reduce your inbound marketing costs by 30% to 40% immediately. Are you planing to hire french inbound customer support service for you all customers in France?

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Strategic Benefits of Grupo Noa Call Center Services


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Increased Sales & Business Growth

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Quality Assurance

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Quality Assurance

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Enhanced Relationship With Clients

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Access To State-Of-The-Art Call Center Technology

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Quality Assurance

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100% Customer Engagement And Retention

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Grupo Noa International – The Most Trusted American Call Center Service Provider!


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