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Lead Generation Call Center

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Lead Generation Call Center Outsourcing

Why not harness all avenues of lead generation: Inbound lead generation outsourcing. We help you optimize the lead-to-close workflow, identifying the number of leads required to generate your target number of closed deals. Prospects with a genuine interest in your offering are collated and fed into your sales pipeline through our lead generation call center service.

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Inbound leads are considered to be highly valuable thanks to their better closing ratios. Our lead generation service virtual call center agent is well-versed in collecting important contact details, and the best time to contact an area of interest. We qualify the incoming inquiries based on your lead selection criteria and create a database of warm leads. This process gives you ready-made access to high-quality prospects.

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In the event that you are looking to grow aggressively, you may need to proactively reach out to prospects. Our tele callers are trained to undertake an effective cold calling or follow-up call campaign. Need more information on generating leads through our network lead generation call center outsourcing?

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Why Outsource Lead Generation to Grupo Noa?

As one of the leading call center & Lead generation service providers, we are trusted by hundreds of global businesses to achieve business bottom lines. Here’re some reasons why Grupo Noa should be your preferred lead generation services partner:

Train Us Just Once

Train us just once and we carry out a consistent campaign globally: Our trained team executes global campaigns seamlessly, ensuring consistent messaging and strategies across multiple markets.

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multilingual Inbound & Outbound

Launch multilingual inbound & outbound campaigns: Reach a diverse audience with our multilingual call center services, enabling effective communication and engagement in various languages.

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Leads to Sales Pipeline

Feed warm leads directly into your sales pipeline: Our skilled agents identify and qualify warm leads, seamlessly transferring them into your sales pipeline for increased conversion opportunities.

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Miss No Leads – 24/7

24×7 contact center ensuring no leads are missed: Our round-the-clock contact center guarantees that no leads or customer inquiries go unanswered, maximizing engagement and opportunities.

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Boost Leads

Proven track record to boosting leads pipeline: With a track record of success, we have a proven ability to enhance your leads pipeline, driving business growth and revenue generation.

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Local toll-free Number

Local toll-free & regular phone numbers are available for any country: Expand your reach globally with local toll-free and regular phone numbers in various countries, enhancing accessibility and customer engagement.

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Feedback Summaries

We provide feedback summaries to help you fine-tune your offering: Receive valuable feedback summaries from customer interactions, enabling you to refine your products, services, and overall customer experience.

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 Best Salespeople

Your best salespeople can focus on closing the deals: By outsourcing sales support to us, your top sales professionals can dedicate their time and expertise to closing deals and driving revenue growth.

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Grupo Noa Lead Generation Services

Lead Qualification

Unless you have a niche product or service, which requires a specific approach, we have found that the basic qualification questions distill prospects with the best chance of closing by asking the following questions:

  • Are you interested in our solution?
  • What’s your budget?
  • Are you the decision maker?
  • When are you likely to make the buying decision?
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