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A customer service call center has to connect customers in an innovative way. The latest statistics by Walker have revealed that around 86% of the customers are ever ready to pay hefty prices for quality products and services. So, the question is how effectively a customer care executive can convince a customer for the product so that he may buy the same.

Nobody likes a boring conversation. During a live chat with the customers, the efforts of the telecallers should be towards engaging the customers and make each conversation more interesting and insightful. This year, a lot of innovations have been added to the call center services.

1)The Cloud Software: Currently, most of the call centers work on Cloud software. Around 71% of them use hybrid cloud computing and platform for call center-related activities. A recent research study has confirmed that the cloud-based call center is likely to reach $15-billion in the next couple of years.

Customer Engagement Trends

2)Social Media Support: Of late, most people like to contact a company immediately on social media. Facebook, twitter and linked in are some of the popular social networking sites where customers can directly contact the company on the social media platform.

The statistics from Global Web Index claim that around 2.5-billion people worldwide use communal media, so offering customer support services on social networking sites can be convenient to customers across the globe.

3)Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Robotics: AI is the latest innovation to the customer care services. Now, chat bots and intelligent secretarys are put to resolve customer’s grievances using predefined text and automated videos. Big brands like Louis Vuitton, McDonald to Domino’s Pizza are offering a seamless experience to customers using the chatbot options. They offer tailor-made recommendations to the customers depending upon the queries.

4) Customer-centric products and services: By offering customer oriented products, the firm provides astute contact support services to callers. These products always rule the minds and hearts of the people.

Deloitte’s research study has confirmed that 60% of the companies solely focused on customer-centric products by offering better telephonic support register more profits than other methodology. Hiring outsources customer care call center is a good strategy to expedite a firm’s customer care services. The recent Microsoft survey has divulged that 82% of the customers can wait for maximum 5 minutes. They will churn out if the time goes more than that.


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