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Call centers act as the backbone of so many companies and industries around us. The latest industry survey has claimed that among all industries, the healthcare sector is immensely benefited from contact support services. Today, more than 85% of the hospitals hire outsourced customer support centers these days.

In healthcare, timely advice, and delivery of essential and life-saving medicines are extremely crucial. The healthcare call center outsourcing acts as a vital link between the patients and the hospital or healthcare service providers.

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Better Patient Care Management: Starting from understanding the patient’s symptoms to shifting him or her to a relevant ward, the healthcare call center performs a major supervisory role. According to one survey, 89% of the healthcare experts said that providing timely medical treatment to patients is the utmost need to save lives.

Contact centers literally provide these services to ensure that patients are timely attended to while taking care of all other formalities.

Doctors Focus on Treatment only: In the absence of efficient support staff and healthcare customer support, doctors and healthcare experts might need to devote their precious time and efforts towards answering patient’s calls. It might set a dangerous precedent. Doctors might lose focus from their core job and may invite wrong treatment from them.

Contrarily, healthcare outsourcing definitely helps these doctors and surgeons concentrate on their actual duties and task without any distraction.

Front office and Back office Management: Healthcare call centers easily bridge the gap of both front office and back office. They maintain all administrative records and prescriptions alongside setting an appointment of the patients with the doctors.

According to the latest customer survey statistics, 90% of the respondents claimed that getting poor contact support from hospital staff seriously pisses them off. But, an expert health call center always offers outstanding assistance to its esteemed patients and other callers.

Bills, Collections, and Payments: A health care call center also manages the accounting activity of the hospital or a healthcare practitioner. From streamlining the payment part to improving the overall productivity of the collection department, the contact center takes care of every such thing while offering a peace of mind to other hospital staffs.

The latest consumer survey has claimed that 87% of the customers prefer talking to a skilled contact center employee than hospital reception employees – who are always in haste. We, at Grupo Noa, offer healthcare customer support that is lucrative to our customers.

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