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The business world is enhancing by leap and bounds. France is one of the most exotic business destinations in Europe, and it often invites FDI from foreign countries. In order to flourish on one’s business in France, proficiency in the native language is necessary. Around 90% of people speak French there. No doubt, these customers want to get their issues resolved in their native language only. It certainly gives rise to the need for a multilingual call center in France.

Inbound Call Center

According to an estimate, 64% of consumers want expert consumer services with personalized services while maintaining utmost courtesy during a live call. For handling such a sensitive department like customer service, proficiency in the native language is the need of the hour.

What Magic Does Native Language Do in Call Centers?

Clarity of Thoughts and Better Communication: When customers initiate chats with a call center in their own native language, it makes for a better communication and clarity of thoughts. It also helps a telecaller understand the customer’s problem well resolves the same almost immediately.

Order Booking and Delivery: Call centers are the backbone of any e-commerce services or online retail trade. The France call center executive helps the customers choose the best product depending on this requirement. Convincing customers in the native language is far easier than any other language. Around 52% of consumers want personalized advice from call center executives when they do so in native language – it sounds more appealing and alluring.

A Matter of National Pride: Many French people feel it a matter of pride when they talk in their native language. So, a firm has a better chance of winning their faith by conversing with them in French. A customer is more likely to prolong a discussion with people who speak in their native language than those who don’t do.

France is the World’s Business Hub
According to The Economist Magazine, France is a leading FDI destination with more than 698 major overseas investment projects are being run in the state since 2012. No doubt, overseas investors and firms will also have to provide outstanding services to customers to win their faiths. It is absolutely a priority for any firm to go for French call center outsourcing immediately if it really wants to create a considerable customer base in France and its adjoining areas.


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